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Rise and Shine - How You Can Cultivate a Positive Mindset Everyday

When I look up to my right each morning, the first thing I see are the words...

"Believe" and "Love"

It's so so important to begin each day in a positive vibe! Nudging our egos into a high state of Joyful Beingness by the intentional placement of high vibrational words and sayings is super helpful!

I have surrounded myself with such things and it really really makes a difference!

Give it a go!

The bathroom mirror is a great place to start!

Just below mine, for years, I had the statement:

“nothing in this world can take away your happiness when you have mastered the art of transforming every experience into the possibility of creating joy.” ~ Amrit Desai

This is actually one of my not so secret secrets to feeling Deliciously Alive!

Let me know how this practice works for you!

Many Blessings!

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