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A Meditation on Thought - How to Train Your Brain to Think Better Thoughts

So this is my first blog post. I was going to give

you a background as to why I haven’t blogged before, how writing is so great and why I’ve chosen to blog now…then I thought...

Does it matter?

Does anything matter with the exception of right here, right now?

Of course it can be useful to reflect on the past to skillfully create the future, but sometimes reflecting gives us a sneaky permission to make excuses for why we aren’t doing or being something right here right now.

Yes our experiences from the past have helped create who we are right now, and we can create who we are right here, Right Now.

Each moment offers an opportunity to create ourselves anew. So 20 mins ago, I was not a blogger, and now, I am….

Moving through old, useless, non-anything-good-creating thought patterns is super liberating because when we can consciously delete disempowering thought flows, we unlock the immense power of our creativity.

These thought flows exist in the present, were created in the past...

...even 1 second ago is now the past btw, and that past was once the present so we could say thoughts are created simultaneously in the past and the present…hmmm...

...and are now creating your future.

So watch your thoughts.

Meditate on the flow of thoughts moving through you right now by taking a moment to close your eyes and concentrate on your breath.

Then consciously bring awareness to those voices sounding off in your brain.

Acknowledge that you can hear these voices.

Observe them from the space of the Listener.

Watch how the thoughts flow from one thing to another.

Choose to follow the flows that inspire feelings of happiness, joy, freedom and peace.

Dissolve the thoughts that create internal havoc by watching them disappear, literally, watch them dissolve as clouds in a moving weather system disappear and the bright sun and clear skies emerge.

Once I was laying in bed, listening to my thoughts and all of a sudden I heard my mothers voice say something about the price of a shirt and I thought:

“what is my mother doing in here!?” Immediately, my mind went still and silent. The silence lasted only a few moments, and they were blissful, sensual, exotic moments.


The above exercise, though short and simple, can bring you to a profound awareness of how creative and controlling thoughts are.

You can be your own potion for healing your heart, raising your vibration, and elevating your current life situation through the practice of observing your thoughts, stilling your mind, hitting the delete function of your consciousness on all disempowering thought networks, and skillfully choosing to flow with your highest thoughts of love, laughter, joy, and all things good…

When we exit a life of disempowering thought control and enter the magical world of Mindful Choice Making, everything radically transforms…for the best of course!

(Disclaimer: sometimes on the way to the best we run into the not-so-good, so stay present and true to your highest Self always, inquirer into each experience and discover how it is transforming you into your best Self, and let go of anything that no longer vibes with your peaceful heart).

Thank You for reading! Be Love. Be Free. Be You.

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