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Reiki in Ventnor New Jersey


Rei: "Higher Power"
Ki: "Life Force Energy"

Reiki is an energy-healing modality that treats the whole person through the flow of life force energy transferred by the laying of hands from the practitioner to the receiver.

This life force energy is spiritually guided by the wisdom of the Higher Power which flows through us all.

The stress of modern life results in blockages of energy.

The Reiki practitoner has been attuned to this higher power within themselves, which they utilize to heal others.


Receiving the radiant energy of Reiki will leave you feeling peaceful, balanced and energized.

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Thai Yoga


Thai Massage in Vetnor New Jersey

A rhythmic blend of massage, yoga, acupressure and energy work designed to create harmony, peace and wellness in mind, body & spirit.


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Chakra Healing, sounds heaing, and wellness guidance ventnor new jersey

Nourishing Heart

Nourishing Heart is a 4wk healing journey within. The intention of this program is to nourish your beingness (mind/body/heart/spirit), create clarity in your life, remove creative blocks and empower you to be who you truly are.

Each session includes a 30min coaching session (nutrition included) & guidance on an "as if" gratitude letter for optimal manifestation of intentions.

Support through text/email available for entire 4wks.


Wk 1: 90min Thai Yoga Massage

Wk2: 60min Reiki healing

Wk3: 60min Private Yoga session

Wk4: 75min Thai/Reiki Healing

Unlimited group yoga classes all 4wks

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